It’s A Cereal Problem. For Real!

Have you have ever had the following feeling…

“I wish I knew what I was supposed to do with my life”.  AKA, my purpose.  That question is ageless and timeless.

This picture of Sawyer trying to look like his pal Mickey Mouse reminded me of something.

You will never find your purpose by acting like someone you are not.

Now, just as a point of clarification…My kid is so stinkin’ cute it’s ridiculous.  So I love this picture!  But what if you or I tried that pose?

Um, that’s just plain #Epic #Fail.

Yeah, that’s how we look when we aren’t being ourselves.

When you know who you are, you will know what to do.  When you realize what it is that breaks your heart, that you daydream about being a part of the solution to, and can’t imagine not running after with everything you have?

You will know what to do.

When you stand around bemoaning the fact that you don’t know, you look like a 2 year old with cereal bowls for ears.


(Again, in Sawyer’s case, ridiculously cute).

In ours?

Yeah, just plain ridiculous.

So put down the cereal ears and pick up something…anything…that has to do with who YOU are, what breaks YOUR heart, and what YOU daydream about finding the solution to.

And do it.

The world needs every bit of who YOU are, doing what YOU were called to do.

Your purpose will be clear when you aren’t trying to wear someone else’s ears.

That’s a cereal problem if you want to hear your calling!

Hey…you can just plain hear your calling better when you are using your own two ears.

Sorry for the lame humor…but someone needed that.  I don’t know who, but someone needed to laugh tonight.  So there ya go! 🙂




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