A Pile Of “Craft”.

The amazing piece of “artwork” you see before you was crafted by my friend Caleb.

Well, the word crafted may not necessarily be the best word to use here.  Nor art.

He admittedly isn’t going to win any boondoggle contests any time soon with this entry.

Don’t get me wrong.  I think he liked the idea of having a really cool one.  Done.  Made.  In his possession.

But that is where things took a turn.

Before he really got going, he was content to call off the process.

We had a good laugh.  He went on and did something else.  He was all smiles.  It was all good.

But it got me thinking.

This is a pretty good example of one very important principle that could change the trajectory of someone’s approach to life.

Caleb wanted to make a sweet looking boondoggle.  But he didn’t have the patience to see it through to make it happen.

In other words, its like this.

The best of intentions is the enemy of being intentional.

It’s not easy.

You have to calculate ahead of time where your decisions will take you

so you end up in the places you need to be once they are made.

A mouthful?  Yes.

True, nonetheless?  Yes.

Read that long line again.

Read it 50 more times before the day is out.

It’s the difference between a pile of “craft”, and a piece of art.

It’s the difference between a tangled mess, and a finished product you are proud of.

It’s the difference between throwing in the towel, or wiping the sweat of your forehead after once you cross the finish line.

It’s the difference between having the best of intentions…

And being intentional.

Be intentional.


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