Paint Your Face!

It’s been quiet on

That was intentional.  Do you see the incredibly cute faces in this picture?  Add that to hilarious two year old, and my beautiful wife, and you get a week away from everything as a family.  This year was powerful, recharging and fun all rolled into one.  We spent the week at Camp Mission Meadows on Chautauqua Lake.  I was invited to speak to the Senior High Teens last week at their “Watershed” camp.

So by day we played hard, laughed and met great friends.  And by night, I spoke to 142 game changing, world impacting Sr. High teens!

So that I don’t pull a mental hammy from trying to run 10 miles out of the gate here, I want to leave you with one short thought.

The picture today came from a game we played at camp.  (Yeah, we jumped right in and went for it.  I figured my kid’s ages along with mine averaged a teenager…so we’d give it a try.  Haha.)

It was a version of capture the flag. Two teams defended their turf while trying to find the others “frisbee” and locate a specific counselor that had a message on their hand that told them they needed to take them captive to win.  You had to be stealth.  You had to be sneaky.  You had to move intentionally and not get caught as you inched your way through enemy territory.

Ummm…My 6 year old and 10 year old never got caught.  I did and had to go do my best Batman impersonation to get back in the game.  Feel free to laugh now.  But don’t leave without hearing this.

Someone needs to hear this today.

It’s time to stop making excuses that you don’t have what it takes.

It’s time to stop saying you are too young. (Clearly you aren’t.  My kids proved that to me!)

It’s time to paint your face.

It’s time to get in the game.

You can’t change the world by watching it.

You change it by going after it.

Simple message?  Yes.  As easy as it sounds?  No.  Worth getting in the game and going for it?  Yes.

Hey…You are never going to know until you actually try.

Anything short of that is a convenient excuse.

Those are lame.

You are not.

Welcome to the game.

I’m glad you are playing.

The world is way more fun with you in the game!


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