Throw The Book At Him!

Hummm… A title about prison and a picture of exquisite soup.  Where in the world is this post going?  Thanks for asking.  Allow me…

We all understand great brands.  Powerful movements.  Amazing movies.  They all share something in common that their lesser counterparts struggle, on a daily basis, to identify.  They are all about one thing.


They understand that in order to be a brand that has evangelists, a movement that goes from organic to viral, and a little flick that gains blockbuster box office numbers they have to be unwavering in their focus.  They have to commit to their “salient point” (Thanks to my friend Holt Vaughn for that word).

So here is my point today.  Prepare to shift to the side a little to connect to it.  Ready?  Good, here we go.

Just because you see something that appears simple doesn’t mean that it was easy.

The fact that it is so simple is why it is so good.  However, it got that way through A LOT of hard work, heated debate, and a cutting room floor that is deeper than the ocean.  Because someone cared SO much, that they were willing to let go of everything that didn’t fit the laser beam focus they were committed to.

Good is the enemy of great.  You’ve heard that before.  The difference is, these types of people and organizations actually live it out.

The soup?  Why the soup, Brett?

Here is why.

Just because you have a recipe book doesn’t mean you can make the dish.  

You may admire it.  You may enjoy reading about it.  You may think all you have to do is chuck the ingredients in the bowl and churn out a dish that will command medals, glory and truckloads of cash.  Newsflash…that isn’t happening.

You can stare at the recipe for success all you want.  But it’s the chef that makes it what it is.

He/She has put the time in when no one else was around.  They were willing to taste every version up to the final one that didn’t taste anywhere near as good as the ultimate masterpiece.  They’ve burned pans, hands and smoked out kitchens trying to do too much at once.  And by living through all of that they have brought with them more than a fancy book with nice ideas.

They’ve mastered simplicity.  They’ve created art.  They are a part of memories because people seek out their “food” to be part of their storybook ending moments.

So the next time you see someone reading a recipe book and say “That’s easy…I could make it just as good as ________”…

THROW THE BOOK AT HIM! (ok, not literally.  But you get the point.)

Ahhh…and there it is.  The loop is closed.

Prison title and gourmet soup.

And you thought it couldn’t be done?

Hey…don’t come into my kitchen and doubt the chef.

I’ve “burned pans, my hands and smoked out kitchens” and learned from my mistakes to get here.  😉


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