Digits That Inspire.





If I looked hard enough I could give you a very long list of scientific articles to support the theory that it’s when we are doing something completely unrelated that our minds are able to break free from “stuckness”, and break through in a highly creative way.

I’ll let you and google spend the afternoon together looking that up.  I am going to share from a place of “been there”.

For me, it’s running.  Or a long walk.

I’ve been known to cut a perfectly good run very short by cutting cross lots to get home as fast as possible so that I can write down the “aha moment” I had while running.

It’s the 10 digits at the base of me that free up my mind to hit huge break through moments so that I can have these moments when the 10 digits at the other end of my extremities can put written words to those thoughts.

What is it for you?

You are not exempt.

Let me say that again, because it’s THAT important.


Just because you work 80 hours a week doesn’t make you at the top of your game.  In fact, it’s likely that you are missing the best part of your game.  So what are you going to do to commit to getting to a place that opens your mind in a way you haven’t felt in quite a while-or maybe never?

Let me lay this one on you and then I will let you spend the weekend with it.

What are you willing to sacrifice?

Here is the deal.

If you can’t carve out enough time to take care of yourself, you are by proxy telling everyone else around you that you can’t take care of them.

That may sound harsh.  It’s because it is.  And I say it because I have lived it.

When I take care of me, I am better for the people around me that mean the most to me.

Ask my wife and children.  Ask the college students I speak to and lead through leadership training.  Ask the businesses I work with to help discover and tell their amazing stories.

When I am on my game, it’s because I have committed to getting in the game.

I love the quick pic my wife snapped for me of my feet for this post.


Not because my feet made the point.

It’s the little foot in the corner.

My 10 digits running may be the way my creativity comes.

But it’s those little bare footed digits that are the key for me.

Those are the digits that inspire.

What inspires you?

What are you going to sacrifice to be able to act on that inspiration?

It’s not just creativity that hangs in the balance.

It’s the intensity and intimacy of the relationships around you that you so desperately want the most for.

Go for a run.

Go for a walk.

Play your guitar.

Take some pictures.

Paint a picture.

Do what you do.

So that we get the best of you.



One thought on “Digits That Inspire.

  1. The bigger digits looked just like the littler ones once upon a time. They continued to grow and grow as they experienced “life.” Now they walk and “Make a difference!”

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