Who’s In Your Booth?


I thought we would keep our OBX theme rolling today.

When our family hits North 12, we know we are close.

Close to unwinding.  Close to feet in the sand.  Close to a place that is very special to us.

The 4×4 beaches of the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

Forgive me if this post has a misspelling here and there…it may be from the tears.

Those tears may hit the keyboard because we won’t be able to make the trip this year.

But I can almost see our kids running down the beach and feel the sand between our toes because next year is almost here.

But I digress…

I mentioned the 4×4 beaches.

You can only get to the house you stay at with a 4×4 vehicle.  We’ve watched many try to make it with out it.  All of them stuck.

Here is how it goes…

Get groceries.  Go to house.  Stay put.

It’s just that relaxing out there, amongst the wild horses and quiet nights of the the only lights being the stars, moon and an occasional porch light from afar.


We make an exception.

It’s happens on the Tuesday night we are there.

$1 Taco Tuesday @ The Pit.

It’s a family tradition.  The kids get the tacos, and my wife and I get these gigantic wrap sandwiches that are bigger than our face.

We have pictures taken by the same set of surf boards each time we go.

It’s just part of our trip.  The 12 journey there, spending a week on the beaches and 12 hours back home wouldn’t be complete with out it.


Because it’s just part of who we are.

It’s in our vacation DNA.

The sole purpose of my post today is simple.

What is your “The Pit” experience?

Where are you willing to make a crazy long journey to get to, and even longer by driving in from the beaches to get to it?

What provides the most gigantic reminder that life is about way more than rushing from point A to point B?

Please don’t loose sight of that place in your life.  That place in your heart.

We may not get to The Pit this year.

But we have the reminder of why that time is so special to our family lodged on the inside of who we are.

We will make the next 364 days count just like the one when we are there.

It’s about more than $1 tacos and giant wraps.

It’s who is sitting in the booth with you when you eat em.


Who’s In Your Booth?

Make sure you turn, look em’ in the eye today, and tell them you love them.

None of us are guaranteed a tomorrow.

Make today be a “The Pit” moment.

Make everyday be one.

And make sure to snap lots of pictures along the way.



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