Choose The Wave.

This is our favorite place on earth (See sticker above).

I have learned so much from our times as a family there.

When I wrote this post I knew I needed a picture to go with it.  This sticker seemed perfect to me.


The ripple or the wave.

One is seen for a time then disappears.

One is felt in an instant and leaves a mark.

One goes in all directions and its strength quickly fades.

One goes in one direction and peaks with great momentum.

One you watch as a bystander from a distance.

One you ride as a game changer as you create a moment.

It’s the last the leads to the best.

A moment created that makes a movement inevitable.

It asks for more than can be done by man alone.

A ripple comes from the hand of man tossing a simple stone into the ocean.

A wave comes from the hand of God moving a mass of water against the shore.

A ripple isn’t remembered past its life of being seen.

A wave washes over us and leaves an entirely different landscape when it’s gone.

To live chasing something that fades is empty.

To live in the middle of something that changes the life around it fulfills.

It’s not the way the water moves that brings the answer.

It’s all in whose hand stirs it.

A pebble from man’s hand or a mighty rushing wind from the hand of God.

It leaves only one question, one challenge and one response.

Will you chase something that fades or live in the middle of a movement that lasts?

Choose the movement or choose the emptiness you feel without it.

Choose the movement.

The ripple or the wave.

It’s the wave.

Choose the wave.


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