Just Enjoy The Show.

Just Enjoy The Show.

When you know that something big is about to happen you don’t get up to go to the bathroom.

You don’t leave to get a snack.  And you sure don’t let yourself nod off.

You sit up a little straighter…shift in your chair from one side to the other…uncross one leg, and cross the other one.

You do anything you have to, to be able to focus on what is about to happen right before your eyes.

It really doesn’t matter what seat you are in, as long as you have a ticket to the show.

And you get there.

Front row or back row is insignificant.

Not because you don’t care where you sit.

It’s more obvious than that.

It’s because where you sit doesn’t determine the outcome of the show.

Your perspective, your focus and your decision to be there does.

That determines the outcome.

Because if you aren’t there, there isn’t an outcome.  At least not for you.

Because when it is over…

And eventually it will be.

You’ll want to be able to say.

I had my place.

I was there.

I took the best advice I’ve ever received.

Instead of acting on my selfish ideals of wishing away the moments before me, wanting for the future scenes that may never come…

I just enjoyed the show.

And because of that decision.

I never missed a moment.

A smile.

A tear.

A laugh.

A good cry.

I experienced it all.

Every bit that I could.

My ticket was paid for.

It came at a cost.

And I decided that the last thing I was going to do was waste that kind of gift.  That kind of opportunity.

So I watched.  I listened.  I learned.

So I could teach.  And coach.  And speak.

To those given to me, that cross my path, for as long as I get to walk it with them.

Not wishing for what is around the corner.

But being content to enjoy what was right in front of me.

And I learned a lesson…

By taking in the best show I’ve ever read or heard, and bringing back others to see it too…

They would one day be able to say for themselves…

Someone brought them to the show.

Price of admission was paid for in advance.

So they too…


Just Enjoy The Show.

It’s the best story ever told, when we take the opportunity to make it just that.


The power of story is real.

It’s within your reach.

And once it’s in your hand…

You hold the influence to help someone else…

Just Enjoy The Show.



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