Because It Just Tastes Better.

I had this thought tonight as I enjoyed part of my $10 gift card I received from my dad.

As it got closer to 8pm (when the Starbucks around here closes) the more I twitched.  I was waiting for my wife to come home from the gym so I could hand off the kids and make it there before my Jeep turned into a pumpkin.  (And that would really be a problem…I’m not a fan of anything pumpkin).

I made it.  Just in time.

“I’ll have a White Chocolate Mocha…(pause for dramatic effect)…Venti…(said with a sigh)”

I could almost taste it on the way there.  As I waited for them to make it, I swear I could taste it in the air.

And then the moment of truth…(slight pause as I took the top off to dump powdered chocolate on it.  Why not?  It’s chocolate.  It’s free.  And it was on the counter right in front of me!)…

A sip of paradise.

That leads me to my thought of the night.

Why is it that when someone else makes something for us it tastes SO much better?

I tend to feel that way about anything coffee, everything salad…and just about every sandwich on the planet.

And the answer made me realize something…

If something that someone else makes tastes better to me…

Then it’s likely that something that I make tastes better to someone else.

(We are now not necessarily just talking about food and beverages at this point if you missed the transition in the analogy).

What is it that you make that the world loves because you make it?

You do it better than the rest of us do.

I’ll take it one step further.

We need what you make.

Please don’t stop making it.

There is great value in what is on the inside of you.  Your talent.  Your creativity.  Your craft.

Whatever it is…

Remember that just like I was clock watching to get my Starbucks before the clock struck 8pm…

Someone, somewhere is doing the same thing for whatever it is you are making.

It would have been awful to get there to see that they decided to close early.

It would be just as awful if you decide to stop making the world a better place with what you do.

Keep making it.

They’ll come.

Because It Just Tastes Better.


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