Be Ready To Hand Em’ Out…Or Be One.

If you want to see the opportunity that no one else sees come to pass, you will have to commit to what others criticize.

You will look around and see plenty of chances to kick back and relax.  To debate the finer details of what could be someday, would be if things were different, or should be if you only had “__________”.  OR, you can get to work.  No one will be writing long, ego pumping articles about your efforts.  If you brought up the thing you were working on, it’s likely many would call you crazy…or at the very least, roll their eyes.

If you see something far off coming to pass, it will require you to put in the work that will make it last…long before anyone else even thinks it’s an idea worth considering. 

Being ready for when the moment gets here…not scrambling to throw something quick, cheap and easy together like the masses will.

Think about a piece of candy.

If the special flavor sucker that everyone will clamor for is way down the road…

Work on the recipe now.

Trial and error.

Because someday, when everyone else realizes the need for that flavor, and they will…

You will be walking around handing out your suckers because they are ready.

Everyone else will be running past you in the other direction, to the kitchen.

You will be moving forward because of the work you did when no one else did.

They will be losing ground trying to catch up to you.

You are out in front because of steady, committed effort over time in what can be a quiet and lonely space as you build.

They are far behind you, sweating it out in a cramped kitchen…

With no recipe, only regret.

What side of the sucker are you going to be on?

The one handing them out with a smile…

Or the one left holding the empty bag wondering why you didn’t “think of that”.

Simpler yet…



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