Will You Be Ready?

I am going to share a text (lengthy…but needed) I sent in response to an athlete I work with who plays at a high level, and is moving on to an an even higher level this season.  As you read it, remove soccer from the mind and use it as an analogy to your situation.

What is it that you need to develop a laser beam focus on right now?

Fresh perspective does wonders.

Feel free to send questions…like I mentioned to my athlete.

Questions position you to grow at a rate your competition won’t because they think where they are at is good enough.


(Beginning Of Text)

“I want you to focus on three words as you train.

Purpose.  Placement.  Power.

Have a purpose for every movement on the field…both on the ball and away from it.

Value your placement on your runs, and where and how you make them…same thing with your ball striking in passes and shots.


If your Purpose is clear and your Placement is precise, you differentiate yourself from your opponent by your Power.

We’ll talk more about all of that soon.

Soak it up.

I want you writing down questions for me as to what it all means…

Time to REALLY train…

big leagues start for you yesterday”.

(End Of Text)


Purpose.  Placement.  Power.

Get your focus on.

It’s game time soon…

and your competition is training.

Are you?

Will You Be Ready?



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