Prepare In Your Pond.

Great leaders have a special kind of vision.

They can see where they are going while being able to focus on where they are at the same time.

We all have that part of us that longs for more, for better, for growth.

How do you get there though?

Being able to keep your toes in the water where you are and look over the edge to see what is on the horizon…

At the same time.

Don’t wish away where you are today.

It may be the very thing that sets you up to be able to jump from the edge of now to the land of opportunity later.

You could just float around in your little pool if the whole thing feels too overwhelming.

But don’t be surprised when that little pool becomes your permanent residence.

Notice the posture of the frog.


Don’t spend all your timing floating where you are.

Don’t wish away where you are all day long, so focused on the future, that you miss the necessary opportunity to prepare for it.

Take the posture of a balance between the two.

And when the time comes to leap for the opportunity…

You will be familiar with the ledge, comfortable with the landing and inspired to take the necessary next steps.

If you prepare in your pond now, you’ll be ready for the journey to your lake later.

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