How Sweet It Is!

When I see my children in moments like this picture it challenges and inspires me.

It challenges me to not be afraid to try something.  To dive in.  To go for it.

It inspires me to do it differently.  Try something new.  To explore.

Truth be told…

Most times we won’t “go for it” because it’s going to be messy.

The worst part?

When we say no to messy, we miss out on experiencing the sweet spot.

And we won’t try something new because we don’t have any guarantee how it will turn out.

The moment Sawyer pulled his S’more apart he took a chance.

It could have fallen apart.  On him…onto the ground.

But at his age I don’t think he was worried about what might happen.

He was focused on where he was headed, not obsessed with what might go wrong.

So my question for you today is this.

Are you paralyzed by what might happen?

Being aware of possible outcomes is called planning…being held captive by fear is called a missed opportunity.

When we say no to messy and are obsessed with fear of the unknown…

We miss our opportunity to live in our sweet spot.

Look at the picture again.

Why would you ever want to miss out on that moment.

How sweet it is!




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