A Blur That Brought Beauty.


Life happens so fast that you really have to take a deep breath and slow down so you don’t miss “aha moments”.

As I was sitting on my porch, starting my day I sensed something go right past me.

It was quick.  A bit of a blur.

When I looked up and to my left…there it was.

A gorgeous butterfly.

Vibrant color.

It didn’t visit long.

But long enough…

To make me slow down and take a deep breath of perspective.

It started so unassuming, hidden and almost colorless.

And today…

It swept through the air with grace and made the air it owned a beautiful canvas of it’s being.

Whatever it is you do, wherever it is that you are…

Take a deep breath and slow down today.

There is beauty right in front of you.

If you don’t take the time to look for it…

It will be gone as fast as it came…

and you will have missed the opportunity to experience it.

Life is built on experiences.

The sum of them can equal beauty.

But only if you take the time to collect those moments.


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