52 Card Pick Up. How Very Bully Of You.

If you haven’t been the victim of the old 52 card pick-up prank, this will sail past you.

Google it, the come back and read this.


When your brand’s best momentum builder is slamming your competition you better get to know the word “when”.

It won’t be a matter of “if” it will affect you negatively at some point, but “when”.

We don’t live in a world that sits by and ignores that brand anymore.

We stand up for what we believe in, and match that posture with our support for the success of the brand that acts with integrity.

52 card pick-up is funny until you are the one on your hands and knees doing the “pick up” part.

Yet we constantly see brands doing the equivalent of tossing their competitions cards in the air, while laughing at their setback.

If you want to be a brand of integrity, significance and character…

It doesn’t happen by putting another brand down.

Be you.

Stop taking shots at someone else.

How very bully of you to think we didn’t notice.

52 card pick-up is only funny to the one tossing the cards.

Don’t be that brand.

Be the one that stands on who they are, what they are for and who they support.




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