A Reputation Worth A Gold Star.

Reputation = What others think of you.

Reputations aren’t inherently bad, but with the wrong focus you can get off track quickly.

When you place your focus on what others think of you, you are missing the point.  It all starts with what you think of you.  If you focus there…your confidence will build, your character will develop, and other people will begin to see you for who you really are…not their interpretation of who you are.  And when that happens you will have what you wanted all along…a REPUTATION.

But this time it will be based on fact.

On uniqueness.  On originality.  On you.

It will be based on WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

A reputation you are proud of.

Stop longing for popularity, and value originality.

You are worth more than trying to be someone you are not, to get the attention you want.

Be you.

The world will be a better place if you show up everyday and teach us from the heart of who you are.

The ironic part about all of this?

Originality often leads to popularity anyway.

That’s the gold star you want.

When you are rewarded…

For being you.


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