The Little Pink Spoon.

How quick are you?

Name the brand that you think of when you see this number.

Got it?

They’ve been in business since 1953 and have had 19 different slogans since then…

But this number made them what they are today.

Interestingly enough it made them what they are, but has never defined who they are.

Today they are known by the phrase…

“More flavors, More fun”

They have evolved since their first days, and have done it with an intentional purpose.

They could have said, “Hey, we built our brand on having 31 flavors and that’s it.  We aren’t changing it”.

So what is the key?

They didn’t build their brand on having 31 flavors.

31 flavors wasn’t “why” Baskin-Robbins existed.  It was “how they did their what”.

The little pink spoon always associated with their stores is their “why”.

To offer their customers the opportunity to try until they found a choice they loved.

They provided an experience of trying that led to a habit of buying.

Do you know why your brand does what it does?

Apple believes at their core that they are built to challenge the status quo.

They have and will undoubtedly continue to roll out game changing, industry shaking products.

The products don’t define their brand.  It’s just what they do.

Their attitude, personality and commitment to who they are does.

What comes from that (their products) is a by-product of their commitment to their “why”.

Slogans come and go. (Like I said, Baskin-Robbins has had 19 in 59 years.  So what.)

The takeaway is, they have stayed true to who they are.

And because of that.

No number holds them back.

Not 31, not 19, not 59…

Because of 3 things.

1.  They know who they are.

2.  They know why they do what they do.

3.  They remain agile to adapt…


And that commitment has led to decades of…

providing an experience of trying that’s led to a habit of buying.


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