When Vision Exists, So Do One Way Signs.

This sign doesn’t need a committee to tell you how to respond.


Because that was done a long time ago.

A study was done.  Traffic patterns were looked at.  Pedestrian, Vehicle, etc…

A determination was made that there was one specific way to travel on this street to ensure safety for everyone.

It amazes me that organizations are handled so differently.

An endless supply of meetings, committees, sub-committees.

But no one way signs.

No vision.  No clarity.  No clear steps about how to respond.  Ultimately, no decisions made that bring action.  Just ideas and talk.

Here is the thing…

When you have a clear vision that can be articulated by everyone inside and outside an organization you have your one way sign.

People know why the organization exists.  Who it exists for.  People know how to interact with the brand.

Until then?

Your organization is no different than city streets without stop signs, traffic lights and crosswalks.

It’s not a matter of if there is going to be a problem, just when.

Please don’t take that chance.

When a clear vision exists, one way signs exist.

The only way is to commit to one way.

Everything within the organization checks back to the vision.

And during that process…progress shows up.



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