According To Who?

Do you remember the show that used to be on TV called “According To Jim”?

If you do, you might remember the dark red, corduroy chair.  His “man chair”. (Hence the pic of my chair as a little reminder)

Jim Belushi’s character was the stereotypical guy.  Thought he knew it all, and if he didn’t he tried hard to fake it like he did.

He would go to just about any length to make his case.  It was usually rather humorous watching him try, and almost always ended up with him having to apologize to his wife, his sister-in-law, his brother-in-law…I guess most everybody.

In the context of the show, it was funny.

In real life, the title of the show is exactly what gets brands in trouble.

It’s a vision thing.

“According To Jim”.

To make progress on anything within an organization there must be a singular vision that everyone not only agrees to…but is willing to set aside their own personal preference for, so that the organization…the vision…the movement can succeed.

We all have moments when we want to stand up on our soapbox and declare to the world that our idea is better, more important, etc…

But the next time you go to dig your heels in on something ask yourself this question.

“Is what I am about to say according to me, or what’s best for the vision”?

Or a shorter version as you answer questions about the progress of your vision, organization and the movement you are a part of.

“According To Who?”

It’s you vs. the vision.

Pick a side.

Sometimes it gets to be both.

But in those instances where it isn’t, and you believe 100% in the vision…

Be willing to sit in your chair quietly…to listen…to learn.

The vision needs to speak.

Everyone else needs to listen.

And if you can’t?

It might be time to respectfully remove yourself from the conversation altogether.

Life is short.

Align your heart, and what you are gifted and have been created to do, with a vision you believe in.

Everyone wins when that happens.



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