Driveways and Destinations

If you knew that the road ahead was under construction what would you do?

Would you look for another route and take that instead?

Would you keep going, and ride it out, knowing it might take longer to get to where you were going?

Or would you just quit.  Turn around.  Go home.

The first two options are viable, depending on the situation and circumstances.

But the last one.  Quitting?

It seems almost silly in this scenario doesn’t it?

Then why do we do it in so many other areas of our lives?

If quitting was an option before you start your journey, it would be better to never leave your driveway.

Every destination has a journey that goes with it.

Every journey has it’s challenges.

And if you are lucky, there is a nice big red sign that says…


If it truly matters, it will require work.

Hard work.

And the last time I checked you can’t get to work if you never leave your driveway.


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