Snow Storms and Whiteouts.

So we are settling in to Summer.

And then this picture.

What gives?

You read the title and it intrigued/confused you.  It was “out of season”.  We don’t expect to see pictures of snow in June.

Shock value.  That’s the point.

And the reminder that it really shouldn’t be the way you get your brand’s point made.

At least not by itself.

It’s one thing to have some shock value built in to the story of your marketing messages.  To have a little fun.  Take some chances.  But it has to be consistent with who you are, and why you do what you do.

It’s an entirely different thing to use shock value as THE reason someone should be your customer.

Use the picture as a reminder.

Shock value alone is like trying to go uphill in a snowstorm on bald tires.

You don’t have any traction.

Don’t believe the myth that if you could just get noticed the rest would take care of itself.

Brands are built over time.  With consistent effort.  Telling your story one day at a time, to leave a legacy over time.

Anything less than that kind of effort is like asking people to identify your brand in a whiteout.

It’s not gonna happen.


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