The Tale Of Two Stories.

The pace that society moves at can sometimes feel like a blur at best.

So much to do.  So very little time to get it all done.

And when we begin to truly buy in to that theory as fair to live by, something happens.

Slowly at first, and then faster and faster we sacrifice who we are.

If sloppy, handwritten letters seem like no big deal…and the letter I is used for a number 1…

What’s next?

To be the very best at what you do, cutting corners isn’t in your playbook.

The very idea that you cut corners implies there is less of you left once you do so.

And if you are willing to take shots at yourself, you are teaching others how to treat you.  How to take you at what you do.

Practically speaking…

It would be better to have no sign than one that calls you out for cutting corners.

Don’t believe me?

What if the same business had a friendly face out front offering samples.

Once they handed you a cookie…fresh out of the oven…they kindly told you that the delicious cookie you just sunk your teeth into was on special today…3 for $1!

And when they smile back at you, and as you thank them for the honor of serving them, you build a potential customer.

That says you care.

The “thrown together” sign says you don’t care, you are just there.

Two tale of two stories.

One says you value your customer and want to provide them with a truly memorable experience that they will tell others about.

The other?

Well…that story goes like this:

Special.  Buy 3 Cookie Get I free 1.00 off all smothies.

P.S. Notice how our free sample scenario didn’t mention anything about the smoothie?  That’s intentional.  Be great at one thing at a time.  Bombarding your customers with FREE this, and DISCOUNTED that is like taking a drink from a firehouse.  It’s too much.  And doesn’t end well.




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