Tool. How Not To Be One.

These two handy dandy tools solved a problem today.

A nicked up, busted looking chisel and a nail punch.

And the best part?

I used them outside of their “officially designated purpose”.

But it was all I had to work with.

I could have come up with a dozen reasons why the problem couldn’t be solved with what I had to use.

That would have made me a tool.

Instead I looked at it like a challenge that, once conquered, would bring a great sense of accomplishment.

So I used them.

I had to think more.  I had to walk through a mental plan first.  And then I had to carefully execute my plan.

I had to make adjustments along the way, because of course the first plan didn’t work exactly as I had hoped it would. (Been there?)

The further I got into the problem the more unexpected twists and turns came up. (Sound familiar?)

(I was also armed with a retired barbecue fork that I thought would be a great help in solving my problem.  Turned out, it was useless)

Also, why the barbecue fork didn’t make the pic.  Sorry, you’ve gotta be a game changer to get face time.

That’s life.

You can complain you don’t have what you need to solve the problem…

or you can act on what you do have and solve it.

It wasn’t a huge project.  But it’s done.  And I learned something from it.

The next time we have that urge to complain, or believe something can’t happen…

Let’s remember my friends.

Nicked up, busted looking chisel and his trusty sidekick, nail punch.

They reminded us to use the tools we have and learn from it…

Not be one.


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