“Teachers and Tryers”.

This is easily one of the most inspiring scenes I have witnessed in a very long time.


Look closely.

Do you see all of the people sitting on the end of the kayaks?  Not in them.  On the end of them.

They aren’t going to seriously try to ride like that are they?

No, and that’s the point.

They are teaching.

This was a “demo day” where anyone who wanted to could come to try out kayaks, canoes, and stand up paddle boards.

You didn’t have to be any good at all.  In fact you might have been like me…where I had never tried it before.

I had never been on a stand up paddle board until that day.

I was “a tryer”.  I was at the mercy of someone who cared enough to teach me.

Without their expertise, and me being willing to listen we had one very large potential for “Wet Brett”.

We talked about the power of failure the other day.  Today’s post builds off of that.

When teachers and tryers are focused on the same end goal, it doesn’t really matter if you fall in.

It’s knowing it’s safe to try.  To fall.  To get back up.  To try again.

Seeing teachers that come on their own time, strictly as volunteers, at the opportunity to see someone else succeed is a beautiful thing.

Left to our own devices that day, without teachers, demo day probably goes terribly wrong.

With the teachers sitting on the end of the boats…doing there thing while we try to do ours?

We all get to experience the joy of what comes next.

Learning, failure, success, laughter, memories, relationship building, trust.

Who are you?

Are you a teacher?  Do you need to invest in the life of a tryer today instead of standing off in the distance watching someone fail?

Are you a tryer?  Do you need to stop with all of the excuses as to why you can’t, and be willing to be taught so that you can?

This world needs both side of that coin.

Look at it this way.

Too many times in life, we flip a coin.  Heads or Tails, right?

The next time you buy something try spending only one side of that coin.

You can’t.  It’s impossible.

The currency of progress requires both sides of the coin to be able to spend it.

You need heads and tails.

You need teachers and tryers.

That coin will spend everyday of the week.

And it sets the example to others as to how it’s done.

Teachers and Tryers.

We need both.

And by the way…

I got up on that stand up paddle board.

And I didn’t fall.

I tried to stay up and did.

But, it’s because I had…

You guessed it…

A great teacher.

It was our success together.

That’s how life is supposed to work.

Teaching and Trying.

Over and over and over again.


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