Grow Back!

It goes a little something like this…

Stop seeing failure as a sign of incompetence and punishing those who experience it.

Start celebrating it as a sign of diligence and reward the effort.

When people work hard, and the results don’t turn out the way all had hoped…we have a choice.

We either step on those who fail or help them up and encourage them to learn from it.

Why the 3 leaf clover?

Why not a 4 leaf clover?  Those are the rare ones, right?  They are more valuable.

I will make the case that they are not.

4 leaf clovers are accidental success.

It’s luck.

You don’t plan to find one.  You stumble upon one.

If that is your “plan” for success, we’re done here.  Sorry, I don’t have the patience for those who’s idea of success is riding coat tails, getting “in the picture” with someone who earned success, or hoping to just get lucky.

Buy your lottery ticket, go home, stretch out in the recliner and wait.

Let me know how that whole “dollar and a dream” theory works for ya.

More like “investment in a hoax”.

But I digress…

Intentional acts breed momentum.

Three leaf clovers are everywhere.

They are you, and they are me.

We learn when we try.  When we try, sometimes we fail.  And when we do?

We stand up, own it, learn from it and move on.

We try again.  Quickly.  Being ok if we fail again.

Lawns are full of 3 leaf clovers.

And when they get mowed down, they grow back.

That’s how I see it.

Embrace failure.  In fact, chase it.  Grow Back!

Odds are…

You will find success on the way there.


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