Can It.

It either matters enough to act on, or it doesn’t. (I just don’t have time right now.  Later.  Yeah…later)

It falls into the category of important or irrelevant. (It’s important, really it is…I just have to do a couple of other things first)

The conversation takes place, or it gets ignored. (I’m just not ready to talk about it.  I will definitely talk to them about it tomorrow)

You are so busy you can’t possibly do everything you want to today. (I get a lot done, so if I don’t get to it all I still feel good)


If it matters you will spend the time. (If it doesn’t, CAN IT)

If it’s important it’s only because it’s relevant. ( If it isn’t relevant to your core business, CAN IT)

If the issue matters the conversation will take place, today. (If it doesn’t, CAN IT)

If the task is integral to who you are and what you do, it happens, period. (If it isn’t, CAN IT)


Identify what is important and act on it.

Take all of the rest and…

You guessed it.



And if you’ve read this far and realized you can’t determine the difference between the two?

It’s time to free yourself from that place.

Or not.

I guess it depends if your brand is worth the intentional time it will take to deal with it.

Funny how we keep coming back to that point, huh?


Act on it.  OR…  Can it.


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