Still Standing.

When I looked up something struck me.

The white object you see is the frame to one of those “EZ-Up” tents.

And straight behind it a tree that shoots up literally a few hundred feet in the air.

The tent structure is portable, relatively light, and painless to set up.

You can take it with you just about anywhere and have it set up in minutes, and then packed right back up again moments later.

The tree on the other hand…

It’s a fixture.  It’s thick, hard, heavy, and sturdy.  It starts from something so small it could disappear in the palm of your hand.

It isn’t going anywhere with you anytime soon, and it took decades to get to the size it is now.

Taking it down would be costly, and take a tremendous amount of time.

When you look at who you are and why you do what you do, how would you describe yourself?

As an EZ-Up tent or a tree.

One is blow away when the storms come, is easily replaceable and doesn’t have to commit to any space for very long.

The other bends but doesn’t break in a storm, is a one of a kind, and has such deep roots it is committed to it’s calling.

At the end of the day the world says flexible is the popular choice.  Ya know…be nimble, adjust, change. (EZ-Up tent?)

Change is fine.

But if you are always doing it to pull up your steaks and out run storms, it’s only a matter of time before a storm catches up to you.

The alternative?

Put down roots in healthy soil.

That’s how great brands survive storms.

It will take time, hard work and patience.

But committing to that early on is the only way you will still be standing later on.






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