Be Present.

Why do you do what you do?

What makes you want to get up earlier than anyone ever should?  (With a smile)

What drives you?

What is your purpose?

All of these questions have a common theme.

It’s present in the picture too.

When the world gets you, it should get ALL of you.

The colors, the shapes, the layout of the picture.

It grabbed your attention.

But if you look at it longer than a few seconds, something else does.

The image of the person embedded in it.

ALL of you means not just the “marketing” of “your image”.

The colors, shapes and layout mean nothing if it doesn’t come with you as a part of it.

Two words to focus on today.


In every conversation.

In every task.

In every decision.

And if you can’t?

Maybe it’s time to start asking yourself the questions at the beginning of this post again.




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