Fix Your Windows

What do you see in this picture?

If you see a boarded up window I suppose you are technically correct.

I see a missed opportunity.

No one blames the owner who boarded up the window once it was broken.  It’s cheaper and more convenient.

The glass won’t break again.

That’s absolutely correct.

But you will never see through the window again either.

When we ignore restoration, we ignore our future.

We will never get to the next step well, if we are willing to cut corners on the step we are on.

At some point it all catches up to us.

A beautiful building that was once full of light is boarded up and ignored.

Your choice.

Fix your windows or board them up.

Progress or obscurity.

You change the world with progress, the world changes you without it.

And usually, it’s not for the better.

Fix your windows.


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