From My Porkspective, This Is How I See It.


It just makes the world a happier place.  O.K., at least for me it does.

There are things I wouldn’t consider eating, that once wrapped in bacon, I would elbow you out of the way to sink my teeth into.

We have friends that wrapped dates in bacon.  I thought they were off their rocker.  That is, until I had one.

They brought a strong brand proposition to the table.  Literally.

The brand proposition is the meat (pun intended) of what a brand promises to deliver.

When you start talking about eating dates, and that’s all you want to talk about, you’ve lost me.

I’m not interested.

You tell me it’s wrapped in bacon?

All of a sudden I have questions and am in line to try it.

For me, the fact is, bacon makes the experience something I will enjoy.

What bacon promises to deliver to me is a positive experience simply because of it’s presence.  Even wrapped around a date.

What is it for you that makes something that memorable?  Worth trying.  Worth doing.  Worth being.

Every single person reading this is a brand.  As yourself, as an employee, a boss, a big company.

We live in a world that says we need to convince everyone that what doesn’t work for them should work for them.

In some cases it’s never going to happen.  In those situations, let it go and move on.  If someone is allergic to dates I don’t carry if it’s wrapped in bacon, they aren’t touching it.  For good reason.

But in others, all you need to do is get some perspective.

What does your brand offer the world that will change the way they look at it?

What is your bacon proposition…err…I mean brand proposition?

The next time you start to get frustrated because the story you are telling about your brand isn’t gaining traction…

Check it.

What is it wrapped in?

Do you look like a bowl of soup with just a spoon?

Or is “your soup” infused with the experience of “your bacon”.

You’d be “pignorant” not to take the time to asses your situation and make the necessary adjustments.


we just coined a new word together.

So don’t be a pignorant fool and miss a huge opportunity to build and talk about your brand.

Your brand isn’t going to grow simply because you are in love with your story.

It grows because you can clearly articulate it to the world in a language they understand.

For me…

My language is “Porkuguese”.

Love your story.  And give it air to breath so you can tell your story.

That’s how your little pigs will get to market and get the job done.

Too many puns for you in one post?  Good.  It should help you remember the brand proposition of my site.

Perspective Bring Focus. (I bring it so that you can have it).

Or based on today’s content should we go with…

“Porkspective Brings Focus”? (Tasty ideas that you can cook).

I think you get the point.

Now get your bacon out there and change the world!


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