Flush It Out.

Every so often you will be driving down the street on a beautiful sunny day and see streets full of water.

No clouds in the sky.

You look around and see no evidence of rain.

So how did the water get there?

As you get closer it becomes obvious.

The local fire department is flushing out the hydrants.

They do this to make sure nothing is blocking the lines and they can rely on the system.

If you can get rid of the blockages when you have the time to, you will have something that you can depend on when you have to.

In firefighting it’s the difference between life and death.

In your business it’s the difference between profitability and bankruptcy.

In your personal life it’s the difference between truly living your passion or existing as a character in the story of someone else’s.

What do you need to “flush out” today?

Make the time to do it.

And keep in mind…

Those around you may not understand “the water on the streets” in your life.

It doesn’t mean it isn’t necessary.

It may just mean they will need to see it working properly later to fully understand why you had to flush it out now.

And that is a teachable moment for them and for you.






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