How Tailors Change The World.

Steve Jobs.

Ever heard of him?

He had that “it”.  That “special something”.

It was just, as they say, “in his DNA”.

Or was it?

How often we make excuses when the facts tell another story.

We say he had “it”, so we can quietly sit.  No one blames us for not succeeding because we were never supposed to.

So, Steve Jobs.

His father made a bet with his Coast Guard buddies that within 2 weeks of decommission from service he would have a wife. (Did it)

His father joined the Coast Guard when he didn’t know how to swim.

His father got into so much mischief in the Coast Guard when he was there, he could have ranked much higher than he did.

Anyone who knows anything about Steve Jobs would say his father, Paul Jobs, and he were cut from the same cloth.

Father and son.  One in the same.

Except for the part where Steve was adopted.

It just proves, that when it’s easy to say you don’t have what it takes because it’s not in your DNA…

That is just a lazy excuse.

Paul instilled values into Steve.  The sense that he could and would do anything to win.

And none of it had to do with biology.

It had everything to do with love, instruction, discipline and legacy.

So when you think your genes are the thing to blame…

Think of this picture.

Steve Jobs was famous for the black turtleneck and jeans.

(Wonder if he ever realized how powerful a word image that really was).

He could have blamed his tough times on his genes.  It would have been easy enough.  And no one would have blamed him.

Instead he learned from the man and woman who raised him.  Paul and Clara Jobs.  They poured who they were into Steve, and a family was born.  A man of strong will and fortitude was shaped.  Genes gave him life.  The family that raised him shaped his legacy.

Be thankful for your surroundings.

They have made you what you are, and you have the choice how to react to them.

Odds are, there is more around you to celebrate and learn from than to blame.

That’s knowing the difference between blaming your genes…

And putting on your big boy/big girl jeans and making your mark on the world.

You don’t have a choice what cloth you are cut from.

You do have a choice what you make from that cloth.

Look around.

You most likely have some amazing tailors in your life.

Steve Jobs did.

Their names?

Paul and Clara Jobs.

(Maybe that’s also why Steve had a famous designer make him dozens of black turtlenecks out of the same, simple black cloth.  Just the way he liked them.  It’s almost like he knew that simplicity, design, and attention to detail mattered.  Like it wasn’t as much about the cloth as it was the tailor who knew how to shape it).

Paul and Clara Jobs shaped Steve.

Steve shaped Apple.

And even Steve’s designer shaped the “uniform” worn by one of the most influential “game changers” this world will ever see.

A legacy of tailoring.

That’s how tailors change the world.


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