How To Turn Heads.

If perspective brings focus, then what does this view of a decorative planter bring?

A reminder that no matter how attractive the planter is, it is essentially useless without content.

An idea.  A project.  A movement.

They all seem attractive.  In theory.

The key is being able to step back from them just far enough to see if they have the content they need.

Without follow through, an idea is just a daydream.  (Thank you Steven Furtick for that reminder)

Without the right people as your core, a project won’t get off the ground.

Without an idea that has the right people sold out for it’s cause, a movement will be stalled out before it even starts.

Planters can be incredible conversation starters.


How many do you think have turned heads without beautiful flowering arrangements pouring out of them?


Your idea.  Your project.  Your movement.

They all need content.

And content comes from your vision.

When you and everyone else around you can clearly articulate your vision and where it is taking you…

You have your content.

You have a planter full of gorgeous flowers.

That is a beautiful thing.

That will turn heads.


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