In The End…It’s All About The Core.

A seed.  An idea.

You plant it, water it, prune, shape, wait…wait…wait…and then, you pick it.

It’s ripe, ready and bears a fruit that you can easily see.

You can taste it.

But it’s between the seed and the fruit that we forget.

The core.

Without it your apple is just a hopeful seed.

Without it your fruit has nothing to grow out of.

As much as we see the need to get seed in the ground…

As much as we act on the obviousness of watering…

It’s during the pruning and shaping time that the core is born.

Take the time you need to re-evaluate today.

Your core beliefs.

Your core purpose.

Your core people.

Without all three in total agreement…

All you have is a handful of hopeful seeds.

Pick one seed.

Plant it.

Work together to care for it, protect it, and prepare it.

And at the perfect time, you will be able to see the fruit of your labor right in front of your eyes.

Abundantly healthy “fruit” comes from an intentionally cared for and developed “core”.

And a healthy core doesn’t happen by accident.

It’s intentional.












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