Communicate OAR Sink.

Yesterday we talked about ideas and how we need a safe place to let them fly.  Get them out in the open.

A funny thing happens when you take that step of faith.

A vision is born.

You’ve connected the feeling of seeing a problem with knowing you have discovered the answer to it.

It gives you goosebumps, keeps you up at night, and serves as a “firestorm of frustration” in your belly that makes you go from WANTING to do something about it…to HAVING to do something about it. (See author Bill Hybels on that last one)

A vision comes from the heart of a person (thats you).

Your story is the the expression of that vision.

Your culture is the creation by multiplication of your vision.

All of this invites the outside world to experience what is happening on the inside of you.

If you are feeling like you can’t move your vision forward this word is for you.

Your vision can’t move forward when you are paddling and people are hanging off your oars.

Your people can’t be completely dependent on you and you alone to move your vision forward.

Your people should be paddling behind you, next to you, and in some cases out in front of you.

If they aren’t then its time to re-establish how your vision is communicated.

Anything less will exhaust you and sink the boat you are in.

That’s not good for anyone.

You or your culture.


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