How NOT To Leave Your Talent On The Table.

Ideas can be fun.

They can also feel incredibly overwhelming.

It’s all about the context.

Take these golf balls.  They are your ideas.  If all they do is sit all jammed up in buckets…what’s the point.

When you get out on the range with them, and start letting them fly…that’s exactly the point.

On the range there are no bad shots.  Why?  Because no one is keeping score.  It’s development time.

The more you hit on the range the better your chances are when it comes to the course and having to keep score.


Slice em’, hook em’, worm-burn em’, frozen rope em’, snap hook em’, top em’.

The only sure way for your idea to fail?  Never hitting it in the first place.

Does your business, company, organization, family have “a range”?

The best thing you can do for the people who serve under and around you is giving them a safe place to take practice shots.

Anything less and you are going to end up looking a lot like this picture.

With no shots taken and your talent left on the table.




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