The Excuse vs. The Decision. Your Choice.

So it’s ten feet up in the air.  You could jump all day and never touch the rim.  Heck…you wouldn’t even be able to grab the net that hangs from it.  You see the net is torn and hanging from the rim it used to be so securely attached to.  The sun is in your eyes.  You aren’t positioned to be able to score from where you are anyway…kind of hidden by the side of the backboard.

How many of these sound familiar?

All the reasons in the world (aka…excuses) why you won’t succeed today.

Look at the picture again.

The rim might be ten feet in the air, but you don’t have to touch the rim to score…or even the net.  Let the shot go.  Launch it.  The net is falling apart…ever heard of a ladder?  Fix it.  The sun is out today, and it’s beautiful.  It’s not in your eyes, it’s on your face.  Use it to your advantage.  Your position is unique.  Where you are standing today…it’s unlike anyone else’s position.  So use it to your advantage.

It really is all about perspective.

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Trust me, it’ll stick with you.

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You deserve it.  I believe in you.  You should to.


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