How Occupation Can Stifle Progress.

I want to share today from a very personal experience that I hope speaks as an encouragement to where you may be at today.

This past week we took a road trip.  But not for the usual reason a road trip would take place.  Pulling out of my driveway at around 3:00am I was on my way to Cleveland, Ohio to be with my mother before she went in to have open heart surgery.

When you face an uncertain situation it helps to have lots of great people at the top of their game surrounding you.  The staff at the Cleveland Clinic was fantastic.  But there came a time when all of the “prep”, the explanation of what we could expect, etc… would be over and the context of my post today would begin.

Hence the picture.

Have you ever been in a situation that you had literally no control over and had to wait for an outcome for an extremely long extended period of time?

Me too.  This picture was snapped as all of us waited in the ICU waiting area.

You can occupy a space because no one would blame you, or you can work in that space and allow it to change you.

And that’s where the story ends today.  Bluntly?  Kind of.  But to the point for you I hope.

We have got to stop allowing our attention to be occupied by things we can’t control.

Being aware of what is going on around you is smart.  Being obsessed with it to the point of paralysis of progress is irresponsible.

Perspective does bring focus if you allow yourself to step back and see the whole picture.

You can’t focus on the picture when your nose is smashed up against the glass staring at one small corner of it.

So they occupied Wall Street.

So what.

They sat when they could have been moving and getting things done.

We applaud occupation of an area, when we should be lauding progress of a movement.

Instead of occupying an ICU, I used it as my mobile office.

I got ahead…and oh, by the way…it let the Dr’s and Nurses take care of my mom instead of me hovering asking a million questions.

Progress for me?  Sure.

But more importantly…progress for the thing most important to me that day.  My mom.

What are you stuck on?

What are you focused on?

Is your nose on the glass?

Back up.

Are you sitting, waiting, worrying…when you should be moving, pursuing and working?

Don’t let the tendency to occupy a space be the reason your progress is stifled.

Get after it.  Really get after it.


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