What Side Of That Wall Are You On?



A breakwater.  A wall built to protect.

It can help you stay safe.  It can also be the very thing that gives you a false sense of security.

You should be on the shore side of it when the winds and waves are violent and the smart decision is to be in a safe harbor.

But what about the times you stay in harbor when there is no storm in sight?

That sounds a little crazy.  No one would ever do that, would they?  Clearly if it’s a beautiful day you take the boat out.

And most of the time we do.

But its usually the times right after a really hard storm that we sit back, and delay going out.  Or worse yet…don’t go at all.

If you are going to make progress you’ve got to make the decision to go where the fish are.

Out in the deep.

Staying back just because another storm “might” come…someday…when the sun is clearly shining and the forecast is clear?

Thats crazy.

The breakwater protects.

But if you aren’t careful it will prevent as well.

Prevent you from going where you need to go, to do what you were called to do.

So what side of that wall are you on today?

Do your homework.  Check the weather.  And if it’s clear sailing?

Don’t stay on the shore because of a storm you had in your past.

Get around that wall.  Go out in to the deep.

Progress is waiting.

But your competition is not.



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