Is Your Bollard Bigger Than Your Boat?

I would pretend I knew what the technical name of the object in the foreground was when I snapped this picture, but that would be a lie.

So I looked it up.  On the off chance that you don’t know, I will share my findings with you. And you don’t even have to tell anyone you didn’t know.  The next time you roll down a pier you can flex your mental muscles to all your friends and casually mention to them as you pass by one of these…”Hey, isn’t the patina of that bollard beautiful!  I wonder how long it’s been there?”

Most likely your companions will look at you with a stare somewhere between amazement and total confusion that you had a clue what it was.  But hey…run with it.  Why not.

The bottom line on a bollard?  It’s a fixed object that vessels attach to when they come in to port.

Why this picture?

It struck me.  Look at it close.  Then let your eyes drift to the background of the picture.  The boat.  Now look back at the bollard.

It’s actually a fraction of the size of the boat, yet in this picture looks like it could crush it.

How many times has the very thing that is meant to be helpful to secure us to shore become the reason we never leave?

Our perspective is all messed up.

We exaggerate the size of what was meant to be helpful and turn it into the reason we never leave to launch.

Bollards are NEVER bigger than boats.

And neither should what holds you back be bigger than your dreams.

Perspective brings focus.


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