Brand Boasting Is A Bust.

As a brand there are times when you are so in love with who you are that it gets in the way of communicating the message you want and need to convey to your brand advocates.

This is a funny little reminder.

Do you have someone you know that loves the sound of their own voice?  And usually it’s to the detriment of a normal social experience for anyone within earshot?

I think we all have a person that has held or still does hold that distinction in our lives.

Stanley loves his brand so much that the purpose of his sticker reads awkwardly at best.   Simply reading the sticker suggests that the only person who can “activate the switch” to make the door open, is…well…Stanley.

And when your brand infers that to be the case?  That it is the only one capable of helping you when you know others that could?

It’s a sad case of looking rather needy.

And what do consumers loath?

Being told what they need.

Brands that boast are not loved the most.

Thanks for the reminder Stanley.

P.S.  I didn’t active the switch.  I stared that sticker down at 5:30am at a rest stop outside of Cleveland and gambled. I reached forward, grabbed the door handle and  pulled the door.  Sure am glad it opened.


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